Best Multiplier, a highly-profitable financial game

Honest, fully automated fast-track smart contract with a jackpot system

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Interest rate


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Game concept

It's simple!

The smart contract gets the participants into the queue. Each Deposit is automatically paid to the first participant in the queue, until they receive 120-140% of the amount of their Deposit. After that, they are removed from the queue, freeing up space for the next participant. This is how the queue moves. The whole process complies with certain limits.

About limits
  • Players

  • 3.25%


  • 5%


  • 1.75%



There are fixed limits, whereof values are set throughout the game. They are the limits on the minimal/maximal deposits (0.01 ETH/7 ETH) and the minimal deposit limit to participate in the jackpot competition (0.05 ETH). Dynamic limits may change during the game. They include the interest rate limit.

Total in-game funds up to 75 ETH

Interest rate 120%

From 75 ETH to 200 ETH

Interest rate 130%

From 200 ETH to 350 ETH

Interest rate 135%

Over 350 ETH

Interest rate 140%


Frequently asked questions

Transactions to the address of the smart contract should be made strictly from your personal wallets, for which you hold private keys. Do not make deposits from market places, payment systems and exchangers!

Recommended wallets: Metamask, MyEtherWallet, Exodus, Jaxx and TrustWallet for mobile devices.

Any transactions made before the start of the game will be rejected and the funds will be returned to its sender. No one can make a Deposit in advance, as all participants act on equal terms.

An administrator can set the start date and time of a new game, but only if the previous game is over and the winner has received their jackpot. There are no other privileges.

Because the distribution of funds is instant, each incoming Deposit is immediately distributed in accordance with the distribution chart of funds. The remaining amount on the contract balance becomes the jackpot Fund.

Automatically. If the last received transaction holds out for 20 minutes, then any subsequent transaction will trigger the jackpot payout to the winner.

The winner will be selected and the game will end. The administrator will set the start time of the new game, and a new countdown timer will be set instead. The decision on the launch time of the new game will be based on the community preferences, as well as on the statistics of previous games.

Best Multiplier is not meant for earning money. It is a highly profitable and high-risk financial game. Each Deposit is multiplied by a certain percentage in the order of the queue.


The site is there for information purposes and convenience of the user, however, by no means it affects the smart contract. In addition to the site, you can get information from our info resources. Please refer to the links below.